Past Sermon Series

From Garden to Garden: Narrative Lectionary Year 2

Join us on a profound spiritual odyssey with 'Our Journey Through Redemption,' a sermon series rooted in the Narrative Lectionary Year 2. As dedicated members of our congregation, you're invited to embark on this transformative expedition, exploring the rich narrative of God's redemptive love that weaves through the Bible. Throughout the liturgical year, we'll delve into pivotal passages, illuminating themes of redemption, grace, and God's unwavering love.

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Bumper Sticker Theology

In this sermon series titled "Bumper Sticker Theology," we will explore various statements commonly used by Christians that may sound good on the surface, but upon closer examination, reveal misunderstandings about God's nature or can cause hurt to others. We will take a critical look at these phrases and examine what they truly say about God and our faith.

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The Easter Season

Between Easter and Pentecost, we will spend time finishing up Matthew in the Great Commission, move to 2 weeks in the book of Acts and then wrapping up the narrative lectionary year in the book of Romans.

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2022 - 2023 Narrative Lectionary Year 1

Year one of the narrative lectionary typically includes readings from the Old Testament, such as Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, and portions of the historical books. The gospel of Matthew is the focus for the year during the gospel portion of the year, followed by Romans as the primary epistle.

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