On Purpose

5/27/2024 - 7/11/2024

Trying to discover the purpose of our lives can lead to a lot of questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What does living with purpose look like? Often, the world is all too ready to give us answers – promising that finding the perfect job or achieving the next milestone will make us happy. But in this series, we will embrace the questions as an invitation to discover what it is that God wants to do with the story of our lives.

In This Series

  1. Why Am I Here? - 06/02/2024

    This message encourages us to ponder the deeper question of our purpose in life. When faced with difficult decisions or feelings of uncertainty, it's natural to ask, "Why am I here?" The story of Nicodemus approaching Jesus in the darkness of night symbolizes how God meets us in our doubts, fears, and limited understanding. Just as Jesus welcomed Nicodemus' questions and guided him toward the light of truth, we, too, can find hope and direction by seeking God's wisdom through prayer. The message emphasizes that no matter our age or stage in life, God has a unique purpose for each of us. By engaging in honest conversation with our Creator and being open to new perspectives, we can experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and step into the fullness of life that God promises.

  2. Who, Me? - 06/09/2024

    We have a lot of misconceptions about what purpose is. Finding our purpose is about discovering who God has uniquely created us to be and how our own gifts can serve others in any given moment.

  3. Who Am I? - 06/23/2024

    We may feel like we are defined by our highs and lows, but first and foremost we are defined by God’s love of us. And God’s love promises to redeem our whole stories. It allows us to look back over our lives and see how all our experiences – good, bad, and in-between -- can shape and clarify our purpose.

  4. Purpose is Present - 06/30/2024

    To discover our purpose, we must not focus only on the future, but also pay attention to the present. What do we have to offer right now, and who needs it? When we offer what we have now, we find – often to our surprise – that our purpose begins to come into focus.

  5. No Time Is Wasted - 07/07/2024

    In our journey of faith, we often struggle with the feeling of wandering or being lost. This message reminds us that these periods of uncertainty are not wasted time, but opportunities for spiritual growth. The story of the Israelites' 40-year journey through the wilderness serves as a powerful metaphor for our own faith walks. What should have been a short trip became an extended period of learning to rely on God's provision and timing. Like the Israelites with their daily manna, we're challenged to trust God's faithfulness in our daily lives, even when we can't see the path ahead clearly. This time of 'wandering' isn't about reaching the destination quickly, but about developing a deeper reliance on God. We're encouraged to see these moments of uncertainty not as setbacks, but as chances to explore, pray, and grow in our trust in God's provision.

  6. Will Purpose Make Me Happy? - 07/14/2024

    In this powerful message, we're challenged to reconsider our pursuit of happiness in light of God's greater purpose. The central theme revolves around the story of Lazarus' resurrection, where Jesus deliberately delays his arrival, allowing Lazarus to die before raising him. This seemingly cruel act teaches us a profound lesson: God's plan often transcends our immediate desires for happiness, aiming instead for a deeper, lasting joy and spiritual growth. We're reminded that our purpose, both as individuals and as a church, isn't to seek fleeting happiness but to make Christ known and to help others experience His transformative love. This may require us to set aside our own comfort and desires, just as Jesus did, for the greater good of those around us who are hurting and lost. As we reflect on this, let's consider how we can shift our focus from personal happiness to a more meaningful, purpose-driven life that reflects Christ's love and brings lasting joy to others.