Why Am I Here?

Pastor Kevin Rutledge - 6/2/2024 10:00 AM

This message encourages us to ponder the deeper question of our purpose in life. When faced with difficult decisions or feelings of uncertainty, it's natural to ask, "Why am I here?" The story of Nicodemus approaching Jesus in the darkness of night symbolizes how God meets us in our doubts, fears, and limited understanding. Just as Jesus welcomed Nicodemus' questions and guided him toward the light of truth, we, too, can find hope and direction by seeking God's wisdom through prayer. The message emphasizes that no matter our age or stage in life, God has a unique purpose for each of us. By engaging in honest conversation with our Creator and being open to new perspectives, we can experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and step into the fullness of life that God promises.

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This Week's Reading Plan

Day: Reading:
Monday Psalm 136:26
Tuesday Romans 8:37-39
Wednesday Isaiah 54:10
Thursday Romans 5:6-8
Friday Ephesians 2:1-7
Saturday Zephaniah 3:17

This includes only the sermon portion of the service.

Reflections and Caring Conversations

Please use the prompts and prayers below to aid you in your devotions for this week.


    Do you need clarity or direction in something? A greater sense of purpose in your days? A better understanding of what you are good at or what it means to be uniquely you? Write a journal entry, record a voice memo, or have a conversation with someone you trust and reflect on the following question for yourself: What am I looking for right now?