Who, Me?

Rev. Jim McNair - 6/9/2024 10:00 AM

We have a lot of misconceptions about what purpose is. Finding our purpose is about discovering who God has uniquely created us to be and how our own gifts can serve others in any given moment.

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This Week's Reading Plan

Day: Reading:
Monday 1 John 3:1-10
Tuesday Philippians 2:5-8
Wednesday Luke 2:34-35
Thursday Hebrews 2:16-18
Friday Hebrews 5:7-10
Saturday 1 Peter 3:18-22

Reflections and Caring Conversations

Please use the prompts and prayers below to aid you in your devotions for this week.


    1. If you are someone who knows your gifts and is looking to put them to use: Create a Venn Diagram with 4 circles, and label them: 1. What I love 2. What the World Needs 3. What I Get Paid For 4. What My Strengths Are. As you fill in the Venn diagram, what do you notice? Where are there overlaps? How do you spend most of your time? Are there areas where you’d love to spend more time? Are there needs you are passionate about that you wish you could address? How would you do it?
    2. If you are someone who isn’t sure who you are, or where you are headed, or what you’d like to do: Look up and print a “finger labyrinth” online and do the following activity:
      Place your finger or writing utensil at the entrance of the labyrinth, and think about this question: Where am I beginning this journey? Where am I right now?
      As you begin to very slowly make your way to the center with your finger, I want you to stop your finger along the path when I ask a question and write your answer in the margin.
      • Who am I right now?
      • What are the various hats that I wear/roles that I occupy? (Stop and write them down in the margins; then keep going)
      • What is my primary hat/role (the one I wear most often), and how do I feel about that? (Stop and write it down.)
      • What do I wish I had more time to do?
      Once you get to the center, pause for as long as you choose. Be open to God’s presence. Imagine that you are looking into the very center of your own heart. And ask yourself the following questions, writing your answers in the margins.
      • Who am I when I’m not in my primary hat/role?
      • What do I like/dislike? Who or what do I love?
      • What am I passionate about, or good at? When did I discover this?
      • What are my limitations? When did I discover this?
      When you are ready to leave the center, retrace the path from the center back out – very slowly – and ask yourself the following and write your answers in the margins.
      • Do I already have a sense of what I want out of life or the direction I’d like to head?
      • Is there anything getting in the way? If so, what is it?
      Notice your breathing. Notice any insights that come to you and write them down.