The Redemption of Scrooge

11/27/2023 - 12/21/2023

In This Series

  1. Caught in Chains We Cannot See - 12/03/2023

    Join us this First Sunday of Advent for "The Chains We Cannot See," part of our series on the "Redemption of Scrooge." Inspired by Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," we explore unseen chains binding us, mirroring Scrooge's journey. Like a blacksmith shaping iron, our struggles refine us. Christ, love incarnate, helps break these chains, offering liberation and lasting peace amid life's storms. Discover the transformative journey towards internal serenity, resilience, and growth. This Advent, embrace the continuous process of breaking free and find enduring peace within, a source of stability amidst life's challenges.

  2. Learning from the Ghosts of Our Past - 12/10/2023

    Are your past experiences shaping your present more than you realize? Are you carrying the weight of past sorrows, loneliness, and pain, like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol? We invite you to join our exploration of this timeless tale as we draw parallels to our own lives, seeking hope and transformation. This episode is your reminder that it's possible to make peace with your past and fully embrace the redemption that awaits. We'll also shed light on how the pandemic has amplified feelings of isolation and loneliness, and how we can navigate through these challenging times.Moving forward, we delve into the debilitating fear of poverty that hardened Scrooge into a cold, isolated being. We'll explore how confronting these fears and insecurities, much like Scrooge, can spark a journey towards redemption. We'll discuss the folly of placing our trust in material possessions and the importance of seeking solace in Christ and the companionship of others. Drawing inspiration from the Philippians passage, we challenge you to reevaluate the values you've inherited from your past and consider renouncing them to faithfully follow God. Come, embark on this transformational journey with us.

  3. The Life of Christmas Present - 12/17/2023

    Join us as we embark on a festive journey through the timeless Christmas Carol, revealing how the redemption of Scrooge illuminates the Christmas message. Listen as we delve into the intertwined nature of past, present, and future in the Christmas story, emphasizing the joy and redemption that come with making peace with our past. We explore the parable of the lost sheep and how it mirrors the story of Christmas - God seeking out what was missing in humanity and sending His son to redeem us. In the spirit of Christmas, we also challenge ourselves to notice what and who is missing from our lives, much like how Scrooge is shown his missing pieces by the ghost of Christmas present. We encourage you to join us as we seek joy and hope in dark places, using Scrooge's journey as a guide. Don't miss our concluding prayer for all to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

  4. Facing the Yet to Come - 12/24/2023

    Ever considered how a glimpse into your future might alter your present trajectory? Join us as we journey with Scrooge, guided by the ominous Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, to confront the haunting possibilities that lie ahead. We'll explore the transformative power of facing our own potential legacies and how the echoes of our choices significantly impact the world around us. As we navigate through the evocative tale of redemption, we invite you to reflect alongside us on the profound realities of living a life steeped in Christ-like love and holiness. This episode promises to shed light on the weight of our actions and the indelible marks they leave, urging us toward a pathway of positive influence and lasting joy.Feel the comfort of God's promises as we delve into scripture and the prophetic teachings of Mary, revealing the certainty of a future under divine sovereignty. This promised era of peace, free from pain and division, is not merely a distant hope but an unfolding reality that we are called to actively shape. In this heartfelt conversation, we underscore our role as agents of God's kingdom here and now, fostering peace, justice, and community even amidst the shadows of our current world. Allow the season's spirit to embolden you as we discuss the strength and guidance bestowed upon us by Jesus Christ, and how we can embrace and advance the manifestation of God's peace and unity today.