Called to Share

4/23/2023 - 5/4/2023

As the disciples begin to make sense of their life and calling after Jesus’ resurrection, they discover that the gospel message is much larger than any had imagined. Peter learns that this good news is meant for everyone as he encounters a centurion shortly after a surprising vision. Paul and Barnabas are set apart for a specific mission to invite others, especially the Gentiles, to know God. As they travel, they remind those they write to and visit that all belong to Jesus. Paul encourages the believers to be unashamed of the gospel message, as they work together in partnership to share the good news.

In This Series

  1. Peter's Vision - 04/23/2023

    Peter is at a tannery. He is hungry and has a dream about food descending from heaven with an invitation to eat anything he sees. He turns it down because he hasn't eaten anything unclean. This repeats 3x, but is this passage really about food or is there more to it. After all, Cornelius is on his way.

  2. Paul and Barnabas - 04/30/2023

  3. Called to Be Saints - 05/07/2023