The Easter Season

4/16/2023 - 4/30/2023

Between Easter and Pentecost, we will spend time finishing up Matthew in the Great Commission, move to 2 weeks in the book of Acts and then wrapping up the narrative lectionary year in the book of Romans.

In This Series

  1. Easter: A New Foundation, A New Creation, A New Life - 04/09/2023

    In fell swoop the tomb is opened, the guards are terrified, the women receive an angelic message and see the risen Lord.  The first day of new creation has begun and the chaos that ensued has been tamed once more.

  2. Jesus is Alive: Now what? - 04/16/2023

  3. Peter's Vision - 04/23/2023

    Peter is at a tannery. He is hungry and has a dream about food descending from heaven with an invitation to eat anything he sees. He turns it down because he hasn't eaten anything unclean. This repeats 3x, but is this passage really about food or is there more to it. After all, Cornelius is on his way.

  4. Paul and Barnabas - 04/30/2023