Created For Relationship

Pastor Kevin Rutledge - 9/10/2023 10:00 AM

Have you ever wondered about the deeper meanings behind the creation story in Genesis or questioned the controversial passage where God forms a 'helper' for man? Join us in this eye-opening journey as we dig into these intriguing narratives and explore the empowering lesson of humanity being not just a passive spectator but an active partner in God's grand creation.

In our first segment, we unravel the intimate details of creation, uncovering a hands-on God who forms humanity from the dirt and breathes life into it. This segment will challenge your conventional understanding of the creation story, showing how God fashioned us to partner with God in nurturing and upholding creation. Next, we courageously explore a controversial scripture often used to justify a hierarchy between genders. Here, we learn that the 'helper' God creates is not submissive but assertive, an equal partner in God's creation.

In the concluding part of our journey, we delve into the profound significance of Jesus' resurrection and its call for restored equality between men and women. We discuss how the scripture is less about defining marriage but more about our innate longing for companionship. Wrapping things up, we move into a powerful prayer session asking for courage to face injustices and for God's spirit to guide those who can make a difference. Join us in this enriching journey as we seek to inspire you to be a conduit of God's love, mercy, and justice.


  • First Reading: Mark 1:16-20
  • Second Reading: Genesis 2:4b–25
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This Week's Reading Plan

Day: Reading:
Monday The First Sin: Genesis 3:1-21
Tuesday Introducing Abram and Sarai: Genesis 11:27-32
Wednesday God's Promise to Abram: Genesis 12:1-9
Thursday Battle and Blessing: Genesis 14:14-20
Friday A New Name: Genesis 17:1-8
Saturday The Promise of a Child: Genesis 17:15-22
Sunday God Gives a Promised Child: Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7

This includes only the sermon portion of the service.

Reflections and Caring Conversations

Please use the prompts and prayers below to aid you in your devotions for this week.

  • Morning Prayer: This morning, we ask for the courage to be active participants in Your grand design. Guide us to challenge conventional understandings and explore deeper meanings. As we unravel the intimate details of creation, help us to understand our roles as partners with You, nurturing and upholding the world You have created. As we go about our day, help us to remember that we are called to be conduits of Your love, mercy, and justice. 

  • Evening Prayer: As the day draws to a close, O God, We give thanks for the companionship and partnership that we share with others, recognizing that we are created to live in community, not in isolation. As we close our eyes in sleep, may we find rest in Your love, and wake renewed to continue our work as partners in Your creation.

  • Reflection Question: 1The sermon discusses the creation story in Genesis and the formation of humanity from the dirt. How does this perspective challenge your traditional understanding of creation? (Refer to Genesis 2:7)

  • Reflection Question: Jesus' resurrection is highlighted in the sermon as a call for restored equality between men and women. How can we implement this understanding of equality in our daily lives and relationships? (Refer to John 20:16-18)

  • Reflection Question: The sermon concludes with a prayer for courage to face injustices and for God's spirit to guide those who can make a difference. How can we actively participate in making a difference in our communities, following the sermon's call to action? (Refer to James 1:27)