From Garden to Garden: A Narrative Lectionary Year 2 Sermon Series

9/4/2023 - 9/21/2023

Welcome to "Our Journey Through Redemption," an inspiring sermon series based on the Narrative Lectionary Year 2. This carefully crafted series is designed with you, our cherished congregation members, in mind. We invite you to explore the rich tapestry of God's redemptive narrative through this transformative journey.

About the Narrative Lectionary Year 2:

The Narrative Lectionary Year 2 is a structured plan for reading and preaching from the Bible. It focuses on the overarching narrative of God's redemptive love throughout Scripture. Each year, we delve into key passages and stories that highlight themes of redemption, grace, and God's relentless love for humanity. It's an opportunity to deepen our understanding of God's plan from creation to the fulfillment of God's promise in Christ.

In This Series

  1. Created for Relationship - 09/10/2023

    Have you ever wondered about the deeper meanings behind the creation story in Genesis or questioned the controversial passage where God forms a 'helper' for man? Join us in this eye-opening journey as we dig into these intriguing narratives and explore the empowering lesson of humanity being not just a passive spectator but an active partner in God's grand creation. In our first segment, we unravel the intimate details of creation, uncovering a hands-on God who forms humanity from the dirt and breathes life into it. This segment will challenge your conventional understanding of the creation story, showing how God fashioned us to partner with God in nurturing and upholding creation. Next, we courageously explore a controversial scripture often used to justify a hierarchy between genders. Here, we learn that the 'helper' God creates is not submissive but assertive, an equal partner in God's creation. In the concluding part of our journey, we delve into the profound significance of Jesus' resurrection and its call for restored equality between men and women. We discuss how the scripture is less about defining marriage but more about our innate longing for companionship. Wrapping things up, we move into a powerful prayer session asking for courage to face injustices and for God's spirit to guide those who can make a difference. Join us in this enriching journey as we seek to inspire you to be a conduit of God's love, mercy, and justice.

  2. Laughing at the Promise - 09/17/2023

    What if you discovered that waiting, often seen as a frustrating process, could be a beautiful and transformative experience? Join us as we journey through the poignant tale of Sarah and Abraham, gleaning wisdom from their long wait and the fulfillment of a promise that seemed impossible. This episode is an exploration of hope, hospitality, challenges, and the unwavering faithfulness of God. We examine the doubts and fears that come with waiting, and we analyze how these very obstacles can prepare us for God's blessings. Can you imagine being a catalyst for transformation within your community? Brace yourself as we discuss the potential for transformation that lies within each one of us. We pose thought-provoking questions about God's ability to make the impossible possible and about our roles as His messengers to those in need. We challenge you, our listener, to grapple with the reality of God's promises and to be an instrument of change in the world. As always, we're ready for meaningful and thought-provoking discussions, and we're excited to have you join us on this journey of discovery and transformation.This service was initially livestreamed on Facebook Live.

  3. Wrestling With God - 09/24/2023

    Join us on a spiritual journey today as we uncover the profound lessons within the story of Jacob wrestling with God. In this sermon, we'll explore the incredible power of persistent prayer, drawing inspiration from Jacob's unyielding determination and boldness in seeking God's blessing. Just as Jacob refused to let go until he received God's intervention, we too can learn to pray with unwavering faith and tenacity. Let's delve into this transformative message together! #PrayerPower #JacobWrestlesWithGod